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Polo Belt Blue GauchoPolo Belt Blue Gaucho

Polo Belt Blue Gaucho

The navy blue colour of this belt is perfect to give a discreet prominence to your outfits. Made in ..

Polo Belt Brown Gaucho

Polo Belt Brown Gaucho

Crafted in fine grain Argentinian leather, this belt is a must-have in your wardrobe. Its brown colo..

Polo Belt RancheroPolo Belt Ranchero

Polo Belt Ranchero

The new Ranchero polo belt by Krono Polo is a stunning accessory that showcases the best of Argentin..

Polo Belt La Natividad

Polo Belt La Natividad

This belt features the colours of La Natividad Polo Team, the team of the season. Its black buckle, ..

Polo Belt GauchoPolo Belt Gaucho

Polo Belt Gaucho

The Gaucho Polo Belt is a stunning accessory that represents the rich cultural heritage of the Argen..

Polo Belt TonkawaPolo Belt Tonkawa

Polo Belt Tonkawa

The polo belt will always be an item with history, tradition and good taste. This belt in its green ..

Polo Belt CaniPolo Belt Cani

Polo Belt Cani

A youthful belt to be worn at different times, for both men and women. The brown leather contrasts w..

Polo Belt La IndianaPolo Belt La Indiana

Polo Belt La Indiana

The sobriety of the colours used in this belt, which contrast perfectly with the black leather and t..

Polo Belt Park PlacePolo Belt Park Place

Polo Belt Park Place

This polo belt has been designed with a strong inspiration from the Pampas region of Argentina and i..

Polo Belt EllerstonPolo Belt Ellerston

Polo Belt Ellerston

A traditional belt that evokes the stables of your polo ponies. The brown Argentinian leather, the a..

Polo Belt PampaPolo Belt Pampa

Polo Belt Pampa

This polo belt is a stylish piece. The suede-like leather that has been used in this accessory gives..

Polo Belt Dubai

Polo Belt Dubai

This polo belt will be the centre of attention every time you wear it. Its green waxed thread cover ..

Polo Belt PinkPolo Belt Pink

Polo Belt Pink

The Aztec design on the Pink Krono Polo belt is absolutely stunning, incorporating threads of pale p..

Polo Belt Las MonjitasPolo Belt Las Monjitas

Polo Belt Las Monjitas

Experience the boldness of the Las Monjitas belt and stand up from the crowd. Its rich navy color, p..

Polo Belt SconePolo Belt Scone

Polo Belt Scone

Experience the blossoming beauty of the all-new luxury Scone Krono Polo belt. The exquisite combinat..

Polo Belt Arco IrisPolo Belt Arco Iris

Polo Belt Arco Iris

Elevate your style with the vibrant Arco Iris polo belt. This premium leather accessory is meticulou..

Polo Belt BluePolo Belt Blue

Polo Belt Blue

Introducing the latest edition of our beloved blue polo belt - a must-have for those who prefer a su..

Polo Belt CoronationPolo Belt Coronation

Polo Belt Coronation

The Coronation Polo Belt is a stunning accessory that has been designed to commemorate the coronatio..

Polo Belt PatagoniaPolo Belt Patagonia

Polo Belt Patagonia

The Patagonia Polo Belts are a special edition accessory created by Krono Polo, made in Argentina wi..

Polo Belt BarilochePolo Belt Bariloche

Polo Belt Bariloche

The Bariloche Polo Belts are a stunning accessory made by Krono Polo in Argentina. These belts are a..

Polo Belt Buenos AiresPolo Belt Buenos Aires

Polo Belt Buenos Aires

The Buenos Aires Polo belt from Krono Polo is a stunning accessory that perfectly captures the essen..

Polo Belt MendozaPolo Belt Mendoza

Polo Belt Mendoza

The Mendoza Polo belt from Krono Polo is a unique and stylish accessory that pays homage to the beau..

Polo Belt CordobaPolo Belt Cordoba

Polo Belt Cordoba

The Cordoba Polo belt from Krono Polo is a classic and sophisticated accessory that perfectly captur..

Polo Belt Mar del PlataPolo Belt Mar del Plata

Polo Belt Mar del Plata

The Mar del Plata Polo belt from Krono Polo is a stylish and unique accessory that embodies the esse..

Polo Belt Punta del EstePolo Belt Punta del Este

Polo Belt Punta del Este

The Punta del Este Polo belt from Krono Polo is a stylish and high-quality accessory that pays homag..

Polo Belt RosarioPolo Belt Rosario

Polo Belt Rosario

The Rosario Polo belt from Krono Polo is a unique and stylish accessory that pays tribute to the bea..

Polo Belt PilarPolo Belt Pilar

Polo Belt Pilar

The Pilar Polo belt from Krono Polo is a luxurious and elegant accessory that pays homage to the bea..

Polo Belt CanuelasPolo Belt Canuelas

Polo Belt Canuelas

The Canuelas Polo belt from Krono Polo is a colorful and stylish accessory that celebrates the proud..

Polo Belt LujanPolo Belt Lujan

Polo Belt Lujan

The Luján Polo belt from Krono Polo is a classic and elegant accessory that pays tribute to the prou..

Polo Belt TortugasPolo Belt Tortugas

Polo Belt Tortugas

The Tortugas Polo belt from Krono Polo is a stunning and high-quality accessory that showcases the r..

Polo Belt PalermoPolo Belt Palermo

Polo Belt Palermo

The Palermo Polo belt from Krono Polo is a stunning accessory that celebrates the iconic polo fields..

Polo Belt MiaPolo Belt Mia

Polo Belt Mia

The Mia Polo belt from Krono Polo is a stunning accessory that pays tribute to our ambassador, Mia C..

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leather belts

Welcome to Krono Polo's Leather Belts category, where exceptional craftsmanship meets timeless style. Here, we present a curated collection of luxurious leather belts that encompass our renowned Gaucho Belts, Polo Belts, and Plain Belts, offering a range of options to suit every taste and occasion.

Gaucho Belts:

Our Gaucho Belts, inspired by the rugged elegance of the Argentine cowboy lifestyle, showcase the epitome of authenticity and heritage. Meticulously handcrafted with the finest leather and traditional techniques, these belts pay homage to the rich cultural traditions of the gauchos. Embossed with intricate detailing or featuring functional stitching, our Gaucho Belts exude rustic charm and showcase the craftsmanship that defines the gaucho legacy.

Polo Belts:

Elevate your style with our Polo Belts, inspired by the prestigious world of polo. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these belts combine elegance and sophistication. Adorned with vibrant woven patterns and geometric motifs, our Polo Belts capture the spirit and energy of this exhilarating sport. Each belt exudes a sense of luxury and refinement, making it the perfect accessory for polo enthusiasts and those seeking a touch of timeless elegance.

Plain Belts:

For those who prefer a classic and understated look, our Plain Belts offer the perfect choice. Crafted from premium leather, these belts exude simplicity and versatility. With their clean lines and minimalist designs, our Plain Belts are suitable for both casual and formal occasions. Whether you're dressing up for a business meeting or adding a touch of sophistication to your everyday ensemble, our Plain Belts provide the perfect finishing touch.

All our leather belts are crafted with meticulous care and attention to detail. We prioritize the use of premium-grade leathers, ensuring exceptional durability, comfort, and a luxurious feel. Each belt is expertly crafted by skilled artisans, incorporating traditional techniques and contemporary design elements.

With our diverse range of leather belts, we cater to individuals seeking distinct styles and preferences. Whether you're drawn to the rugged charm of our Gaucho Belts, the elegance of our Polo Belts, or the versatility of our Plain Belts, you'll find a belt that complements your personal style and reflects your individuality.

Experience the fusion of craftsmanship, heritage, and style with our collection of luxurious Leather Belts. Explore our category to discover the perfect belt that not only enhances your outfits but also embraces the rich cultural traditions of Argentina. At Krono Polo, we are dedicated to providing you with exceptional quality and unparalleled style in every belt we offer.